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Race Report - Driving a 135i on the edge of insanity - VIDEO

We recently finished up our first race of the season at Global Time Attack (GTA) at Buttonwillow CA and we hope we're making all of you 135i owners proud by beating two more track records in the same day!

In case you haven't been following the time attack circuits lately, BMW's have been engaged in FIERCE competition in what used to be a Japanese (Honda/Nissan/Toyota) dominated sport. Now it seems that BMW's are always at the top of the podium.

We were lucky enough to be the first team in the USA to get to run Hankook's new Ventus TD R-Comp tire and the results for this tire are nothing short of amazing. We know very little about this tire and how to setup the car for the tire but the car FAST as hell and we're blowing the doors off of everyone out there. Breaking track records under good weather conditions is hard enough, breaking records in 100 degree weather is a whole different enchilada.

A lot has changed on our car in the last year. We'll share some of the info with you guys in the coming months. Most of it has been chassis/aero work that is still under wraps, but we'll divulge what we can.

Results from the two classes we raced in that weekend:

Street Class (Top two cars running Hankook RS3)

1st (New record)
Carl Rydquist
Berk Technology
BMW 135i

VJ Mirzayan
Evolution Racewerks
BMW 135i

Alex Peng
Honda S2000

Limited Class (Top two cars running Hankook Ventus TD)

1st (New record)
Carl Rydquist
Berk Technology BMW 135i

Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada
Platte Forme a.g.

Jacob Tanaka
Tanaka Racing Chevrolet Corvette

Some pictures from the event:

Do you think our car is setup a little soft? hehe

VJ driving the ER BMW. We've been battling it out for years now. Most of us are game competitors on the track but friends off the track. I borrow tools from Fred all the time!

This car is driven by Japanese superstar Tarzan Yamada! Another good group of guys that we met at EuroTuner GP. We've also been battling these guys on the track for a while now.

Oops! Don't forget those hood pins!

Lots of dive under braking. Also a Berk equipped car.

From what I heard, this little E30 has a complete E36 M3 drivetrain and suspension swap. They were pretty quick out there!

Some of the wild creations you'll find out at a time attack event. With very few rules in some of the classes you can get pretty creative.

1200hp dual wing'ed Scion TC? Sure, no problem!

This NSX is currently THE fastest time attack car in the USA. They run in the highest Unlimited class where anything goes.

One of our other Berk cars.

Beautiful Corvette from Tanaka racing. Unfortunately this car just wrecked pretty good at Road Atlanta this past weekend.

The gangster pose.... on a scooter... haha

Evasive runs some wicked fast times in their EVO and S2000's.

We won $1200 this race! Nice to come home with some money and those giant checks!