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Originally Posted by vonwilbs View Post
You were binding the wheel on the exit while you added power. That is why you spun. Open your hands when you add power you had tons of track out to drive the car to. And you totally made no attempt to save it! My guess is that your eyes went right to the tire wall, when they should have been looking down the track. Look at where you want to go, not at what you're trying to avoid, and you will go there. Why are you on r-comps? You're doing yourself and your car a disservice by driving with those tires. You need to get street tires and get comfortable with the car being loose before you use r-compounds. Anyways a better driver could put up better times on street tires than someone on r-compounds.

Sorry that you crashed, but it happens man, I've been there myself. We all spin, sometimes you don't get lucky and you hit something. I bet you learned more in those 5 seconds than you did in 15 days of DE days!
I'm on R comps because I felt like trying them. Put a whole season on my street tires and wanted something different. It's not the first time, and it wont be the last. Did I make a mistake? Yes1 could I have prevented it? Absolutely. Can a better driver put better times? of course they can.

It's not about lap times, the only reason I time them, get telemetry is to measure consistency and learn. I was also running faster than people with slicks on more powerful cars. That doesn't mean anything in it's own, I've been good up to that point at not having to have great car "control" because it's usually smooth and fairly fast. But I reached a limit of confort and for that split second my mind wondered, car unsettled and I wasn't able to recover.

Hence, I need to make sure I can react to those situations at first. I'm no expert and by no means pretend to be, which is why I put this on here so others can learn from the dumb sh*t I do. And also maybe next time I have something to reference and say, damn I got it right this time.

Thanks for your input, and yes, things happen and now it's time to fix it.

Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
I only want to mention this as a learning point for others, not trying to beat you up over your mistakes ^_^ I wasn't sure if you were braking or not in the video - could see the speedometer dropping rapidly, but I was unsure since you were also dipping into the dirt and getting sideways. Your oversteer in that situation was not so incredible that your rear tire traction was non-existant - it was only just barely over the threshold. But braking and shifting the weight to the front of the vehicle is working completely against you when you're already in oversteer lacking good rear tire traction. I'm not sure at what point you began braking, but letting off the throttle and just keeping your feet off the pedals and using your hands to steer out of it would have been the best thing to do. You'd be amazed what just letting off the throttle and a little bit of steering input will do to help regain control in a seemingly out of control situation. It's instinctive to want to apply brake pressure so you can slow down, but all you're doing is making the situation worse and more difficult to recover from.

I sent you a PM with details of a driving course that's not your typical run-of-the-mill driving school.
I didn't put this on here to get beat up, but I also didn't put it up for anyone to sugar coat it. It's meant to be seen and criticized, analyzed and used so that others can see what "not" to do I guess. So I value any and all input, specially when it's well intended.

Thanks for that
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