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Pixelblue, I'm only commenting on this video because other people may watch it and find it helpful to see what could have been done differently since nothing has been said about it yet, and Yandy has geared this towards a learning point thread. I'm sure you already know several different ways you would have handled that situation and watched the video a thousand times, and I've only watched it maybe ten. Way entirely too much correction when you oversteer to the left, nowhere near enough when you oversteer to the right from your over-compensation - probably because you felt like you used too much the first time and were hesitant to keep turning the wheel even more the second time. Your hands got bound up a bit and you could have crossed them to get even more steering. Probably would have been best to just try to keep it on the edge of traction and dip your tires in that dirt patch where you spun out into a little bit rather than compensating too much. You can see how the grass is worn out in that spot and it's nothing but dirt because people before you have taken that turn too fast and needed to dip into the dirt a little bit to avoid spinning out completely (36 seconds into the video).

There are a couple of different ways this could have been tackled, but all in all good thing that wall wasn't a bit closer, and yes good thing there wasn't a rut or boulder in the dirt for your wheels to catch.

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here is my close call. btw the grass was wet and I was so lucky the surface was smooth otherwise I could see the car easily flipping many times over if it had hit a buried rock or something. guess this was my first free pass. may not be so lucky next time


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