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Sorry to see that man... Better dented car, then dented head/body.... we all here know we have to pay to play.. we all run the risk.. some luckier than others. I truely am glad that you are ok.. ( i also am amazed that the air bag did not go off..that would have sucked )

I give you kudos for posting the did the right thing in doing that.. alot of newcomers hopefully will see that and learn from your mistake ( no disrespect) but you screwed the pooch there when you froze focused on the tire input / correction etc etc ... what all have said is true, so i wont go into that all..

The car does not look horrible.. get a new hood, it will never fix right.. too much filler will be required and the heat of the turbos wont help either.. Its tweeked but not much ( not frame rail tweeked, but support panel tweeked.. she may have to go on the rack just to measure, that doesnt mean its bent ) There is alot of plastic support stuff thats busted

prior estimate was about right 3k or 4k if you know a guy.. the headlamp is about 900.00

p.s. I spun hard on the Down Hill at Lime rock. just barely got 2 tires off... straddled the curbing , went sideways and couldnt correct enough as the curbing was keeeping me side ways..finally got off the curbing, and came to a nice stop facing "traffic" cost me some lifting blocks, under panel..rocker panel cover.. alignment and New pair of shorts as i puckered tight doing that at 90+ MPH...


p.s. Get back on the Horse BTW.. Youll be a better driver now.. dont let it get to you ..
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