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Originally Posted by fourtailpipes
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This just reaffirms that I will not take my car on the track without the aids on. It's just not worth it to me since my car is my daily driver.
this is not the lesson to learn here. there are plenty of debates about aids on/off, and i'll leave that aside. this here is nothing more than driver error. the first point of HPDE is to learn how to correct this kind of thing and NOT freeze. how he ended up without an instructor in the car speaks volumes about the quality training NASA may be providing before advancing students to "solo" groups. again, i don't mean this as a slight to the OP, but this scares the hell out of me for a driver in HPDE3. i urge you to move back to HPDE2 and spend some more time with an instructor to your right.
Never said it was the lesson. Of course it's driver error though. Unless there was a mechanical problem with the car, gravel on the track, etc. what else would it be?

I disagree that the aids wouldn't do anything though. They would have sensed slippage from the rear and cut power before he spun. Not sure how anyone who has done the skid pad experience at the delivery center would disagree.