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Originally Posted by fourtailpipes View Post
this is not the lesson to learn here. there are plenty of debates about aids on/off, and i'll leave that aside. this here is nothing more than driver error. the first point of HPDE is to learn how to correct this kind of thing and NOT freeze. how he ended up without an instructor in the car speaks volumes about the quality training NASA may be providing before advancing students to "solo" groups. again, i don't mean this as a slight to the OP, but this scares the hell out of me for a driver in HPDE3. i urge you to move back to HPDE2 and spend some more time with an instructor to your right.
So you're saying that I should spin in HPDE to to move up? Maybe the reason I was moved up is because I showed that I wasn't prone to this sort of spin. It happens, lack of being in that situation. I accept and respect your opinion but this doesn't speak anything to any quality of instruction.

I looked for an instructor and had one for a couple of sessions, even had one drive my car that weekend. Not going out thinking I"m beyond instruction or learning. But mistakes happen at any group, I've seen worse in more advanced groups and in less advanced.

So one mistake, tiredness, lack of being in that situation means what? It happend, and if you would've reacted differently then congratulations.

This is typical, in any sport "someone screws" up and all of the sudden everything is questioned. With that mind set, no one will ever advance.

Thanks for your input regardless.
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