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Originally Posted by yandyr View Post
I don't take stuff too personal to begin with, but your judging from a video what the correction is and should've been. Could I have corrected and saved it? yes, most likely, pretty sure. The point is that it happened, mistake was made, and it's my view to learn from it. I'm not racing, or competing so that limit was never reached for me. Yes, I don't have years of experience nor do I pretend to have. One thing I will ask though, say what you will about me, what I did, criticize, I honestly will not take it personal, and will receive everything meant in good and bad. But, lets keep the organization out of this, there's no need for it. You want to start criticizing them start your own thread, and leave my info out of it.

at your request i'll leave the NASA out of it. i'll also leave this with one final thought: you can't find an invisible limit without overstepping it. i just wish for your sake you'd overstepped it on street tires, and with an instructor in the car. if you're not crossing these limits at least occasionally, you're not learning anything at the track. good luck with the car.