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Originally Posted by vonwilbs View Post
It is very obvious from this video that this is the first time you've ever had a car break loose underneath you. This isn't even a spin. You could drive around at this yaw angle all day and be in control. This is a joke. Do you hate your car? Were trying to put it right into those exact blue tires? The fact that you were on r-compounds without an instructor in HPDE3 without ever having to make a correction before is insane to me. Are you really trying to learn how to drive? Do you think driving is just point and squirt? I know I sound scathing now, but you're starting to show a lack of responsibility for this and it seems you're unwilling to accept criticism you don't agree with. It is not just that you did nothing to save your car. It is that at your level of experience you aren't ready to ride alone, and you aren't ready for anything more than a street car. Fix your car, take it out again, and you will crash again. You didn't do anything, not even swipe at the windshield wipers like most guys do on the way to the wall. You just shat your pants and wiggled a little bit as you guided your car like a smart bomb right into it's target. This is some of the worst driving I've seen, especially at this level.
Thanks, glad I could help you meet your internet flame for the day. I have no idea where you get that I'm not open to criticisms, all I asked was to leave the Group out of it. And at the same time discussing and taking it all in.

Originally Posted by vonwilbs View Post
And you're helmet is too small!

Originally Posted by fourtailpipes View Post
at your request i'll leave the NASA out of it. i'll also leave this with one final thought: you can't find an invisible limit without overstepping it. i just wish for your sake you'd overstepped it on street tires, and with an instructor in the car. if you're not crossing these limits at least occasionally, you're not learning anything at the track. good luck with the car.
Your criticism is good, and I appreciate it, I just want to leave it as to things I did, that is all. If you wish to stay out of it then that's your choice, I just didn't want the Org involved since it's not my intent.

Experience is the greatest teacher, and you're probably right about me going back to HPDE2. What everyone needs to take in before bashing (not that you are) is that I'm taking all this in, and going over it in my head.

I said that'll I'll be back out, never said how or when, the advice of going into group 2 is good. It's eye opening to say the least how little I did, and that's my own fault. Constructive criticism as what you and others have provided are more than welcomed.
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