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Originally Posted by Focusedintntions View Post
Yandy man I feel bad for you man...not only does your baby get hurt but you get chided for it as well. Don't fret over it all too much. Everybody makes mistakes and there's a whole host of circumstances behind it. Even instructors with the PCA, CCA, SCCA, NASA, or any other org wreck at times...sometimes they'll total a students car like this past weekend in a turn nobody could figure out how they wrecked there. You see what you did wrong and are going to work to correct it.

As a community of track enthusiasts here I think we've all been, and always are, in a position of learning. If you aren't learning anymore then you need to get off the track. What we're doing out there is practice to get better. Did he maybe bight off more than he could chew? Possibly and probably. That being said I don't think its fair of us to flame him for his mistake. He's paying for it, literally. We should be offering constructive criticism and offering ways he could improve and not flaming him at the same time. After all, where would we be if the first time they took off the training wheels and we fell on our bikes, they told us we weren't ready and put them back on? You never really know if someone is ready or not until you let them try. Yandy tried, made a mistake, he knows what he did. He processing the information thrown his way. Now lets sit back and encourage him to get back on the horse and help him do it better next time
It happens, and that's why I though allot about posting it. But decided anyways because it may just help someone, though I couldn't save it. It'll give someone the foresight to go and get some reaction training to these type of events. It's all about helping others and learning from your mistakes.

Last time I checked that was called experience right? anyways, no worries, I'll be back out there after the car's fixed. Will look at some skidpad/driving schools, autox, anything I can do to home in and fine tune.

Thanks again for your feedback Chris

Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
FWIW I think the correction for an unplanned oversteer like that should happen automatically from habit. Your hands should react all by themselves before you have time to think or freeze. That comes from developing the habit with lots of practice on skidpad or snow. I'm less experienced than some other people in this thread, but my advice is to get as much skidpad time as you can and make those habits sink in.
You're right, and the fact that I didn't react says allot. Definitely need some training and will look into getting it very soon.

Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
Thanks for sharing your experience. People are so quick to judge and to hate but if they would just read the comments above them we can probably save a lot of bandwidth. Hope you get your car fixed soon and keep your head up!
you're welcome, and thanks for taking the time to actually read through.

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