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What's the life like on these new ventus tires? I'm seriously looking at getting some rcomps now after this past weekend at the track. Can't keep destroying street tires every weekend I go haha. FYI sick vid! Would have loved to see some more external vid of the car going by.
The new Ventus TD's are on another level compared to the current crop of R-comps out there. They've already proven themselves in the fast lap times and from what we've seen they also wear extremely well. Here's a shot of what they look like after 2 days of racing.

omg that scion, it is as if someone gave the ricers a blank check and said do your worst
That Scion does look ridiculous but it has the lap times to back up those two wings. There literally hasn't been another FWD that can even come close to the times they put down. But what you're saying about a blank check is the truth, if you see that car in person it is one of the most beautifully constructed cars you've ever seen. There is a ton of true motorsports level engineering behind that build.

Hell yeah!! haha