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Too lighten up this converstion, lets talk about his car for a moment..

I went back and took a closer look at the body lines of the left front door / fender / rocker, and the right fender and hood.. They look pretty good meaning that there shouldnt be that much tweeked.. If the apron, which is the metal infront of the strut tower isint creased then i think that you wont be so bad after all..

Hood, Fender, Bumper cover, Headlight and radiator support / mounting panel, and about 5 million little screws and clips ( LOL ) you may be good..

Dont forget the alignmnent.. also make sure that they look at the steering shaft as it has a collapsable slide / joint that may have taken some impact.

before the video was removed, and i was at my 87th viewing, I believe the air bags didnt go off due to your speed and it ended as a glancing blow rather than a dead on foward impact.. The Tires did there job in a beautiful way... This would have had a much uglier outcome if that was just wall...


p.s. your in Florida, right ????
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