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I use to work at the same job my girlfriend currently is working right now. There is an employee there that thinks he is a car enthusiast and yesterday, my girlfriend was at work when she and him were talking about crappy cars and the convo went like this ;

Employee : Hey, so your boyfriend (me) must talk about cars all the time huh?

Girlfriend : Yep, he is teaching me all cars and modifying them.

Employee : Well, no offense but his car is slow...i wouldn't spend that kind of money on his BMW, i'd rather go for a 328i, way faster.

Girlfriend : Uh, it's far from slow. It has 300hp/300tq, how is it slow?

Employee : It just is...i mean it's just a 1series, its the lowest class you can buy from BMW. I would rather buy a 328i or a Mazdaspeed 3, way faster.

Girlfriend : If you haven't been in his car before, then i wouldn't talk shit because it's far from slow. Until you actually sit in his car and he goes full WOT, i would shut up.

After she said that, he changed the subject .

I find it hilarious how people think the 135i is slow, it has the same engine as a 335i, so in reality if people are calling the 135i slow, then shouldn't the 335i be just as slow? And he cheapest BMW you can buy? You can lease a 328i for way cheaper and the sticker price (depending on the packages) can / is cheaper then a 135i.

I am actually going into her work when he is working and asking him how my car is slow, seeing what he can muster up. See what kind of fact's he can dig up from his ass. Man i love uneducated people .