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I initially bought the 128i as my daily commuter with no intent on modding it whats-so-ever. ( I have a built TT'd 370z with 600+ whp for that.) As always though, I caught the "bug" and enjoy it as a hobby. I never considered a 135i since the price was a little above I was willing to pay vs the problems that all my friends were having with theirs. I bought my 128i 2 years ago for $19,000 and don't have any car payment, if I would have opted for the 135i or 335i, I would be paying way too much for what I feel the car is worth. I think I came out a lot better with my choice and since I dont have a car payment on the BMW, I have the cash for my 370z that will eat a 135i's ass for dinner for around the same price with the mods I've added to my 370z.

If this SC is capable of reaching at least 300whp for the $6,000 price tag for everything, I think it is worth it. We'll just have to see if the block can handle that much or even more, so right now, its just speculation. Either way, I think its cool someone has stepped up and has at least tried to develop for the N52.
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