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Quoyt from Yandyr,

"Timing belt is screwed and some of the pulleys as well, but nothing to major. I'm taking it to a shop tomorrow to have a closer look and an estimate."

I hope you mispoke about "timing belt" and meant to say Fan belt, because outr cars dont have a timing belt, and if you looking at anything timing related, you have much bigger problems on your hand... so... I hope you meant to say fan belt..

with that said, the Right side motor mount arm has been know to crack upon impact. this allows the motor to rock to the left and cause the power steering pump to impact the subframe as its very close to begin with. If this were to have occured, then that would explain your issue with turning the wheel with the car running.. Look at the power steering pump pulley.. if it is chipped or cracked I can almost guarantee the mount is broken.

Good luck..
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