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Originally Posted by RaptorKTM View Post
I have had this tune for a short while now and honestly I am not happy with it at all. I find the power to be very peaky and not linear. I also find that there is really little, almost no power gain. The car just feels "blah".

Just curious what experience everyone has. I am really looking to get rid of it and move to another tune should I find that the issue is with the tune.

Please share your experience. Considering going to Evolve or GIAC at this point.
If you wish to discuss our software, feel free to shoot me a PM! We have done quite a few 1M's of late, so hopefully if the owners are on here they can chime in.

The software would be installed by a GIAC dealer. You can find your nearest GIAC dealer at At this point, we have dealers near most major areas.

Our software does use a flash-loader, which allows you to switch between programs in a matter of seconds. As far as the "stock" mode goes, it will resemble stock in performance and values (boost, timing, etc.) but not everything is exactly the same. This is due to the fact that some things must be changed to allow the DME to store our GIAC files.

What I tell people is that, in all honesty, it simply isn't worth it for the dealer to monitor each car for software abnormalities. If you come in with a car running straight pipes and spinning its tires in 3rd gear, then the dealer will obviously know that something is up. But if you simply revert back to our stock file, and your car isn't a complete racecar, you are unlikely to be given a hard time.

To this point, we haven't had a customer have a problem with this (and some just leave it in GIAC pump mode when they go to the dealership). The technology needed to detect whether anything has ever been done to the ECU would cost millions to instill in each dealership. Even then, whenever your car receives a DME revision, it is done so through a flash. So there is unlikely to be any such thing as an "untouched" DME.

In reality, what the dealer will probably due is update your DME and effectively wipe out all GIAC (or other flash) programming. We do not try to stop the dealer from doing this (as this could raise flags for obvious reasons) but instead offer a free re-flash in such a case.

If anyone has any more questions, feel free to PM me or respond to me on here!