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1 week of Winter in NEPA did it!

Originally Posted by Bimmer-Bob View Post
Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of "worthless" is. To me, it is sort of invaluable, and worth far more then the few dollars of product and ten minutes or so per application that I spend. Yeah, it's far from factory perfect, but what do these "professionals in the auto paint world" of yours suggest as an alternative? A respray? No argument from me that it will look better, but at a dozen times the cost. And are you supposed to have your car in for a respray every time you get a rock chip? Or once a year? Personally, I have better things to spend my money on and Dr ColorChip, at $39 a bottle, works for me. Even though I've done the repairs myself, it takes some effort to find them. I imagine for the passerby that the defects are unnoticeable. YMMV, of course.

It sounds sort of like you want show car looks with daily driver functionality.
I don't know. I guess My worthless statement was a lil too much.. but Dr. Colorship don't do much if you have deep crater rock chips...that's what I was referring to. I'd only invest in it for filling in micro-sized chips that are not relatively deep (or down to the metal/primer coat). The one rock chip above the kidney grille is deep, down to the primer and at the jagged edge of the chip there is a crack/line which was covered up with BMW OEM clear touchup paint the day I noticed the chip last december. The chip was painted immediately and the clear shortly after. I only touched up the chip with 1 I was contemplating what to do.

*My car is a spring/summer car only..not a daily driver....however while my dd was in the shop for rust repair, I was driving my 1 series in December for LESS then 1 week and I got that crater blitz rushing to work in the morning one day on the freeway. I'm certain that the chip occurred that day. I was going over 100 mph and there were a few semi's I couldn't aviod.

The paint chip air brushing is going to be an extra with the bumper scuffing repair. I was discussing how dis-satisfied with the OEM touch up paint not matching and he offered to do it for me as an extra while painting the suffed bumper. The goal is to air brush the chips to match the factory paint in exacting color. Yes, The chips will still be there & noticable to ME, but not many others. That's the goal. Matching paint. I'm sure he'll hit the area on the hood with a few sprays.. & then level them down with a wet sand/polish. Of the 2 chips I have the one is over-filled waiting for a wet sand, and the other is the crater one with a 1 coat touch up.

Total cost is $250 for both services

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