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Well, I guess we just disagree on what Dr ColorChip is good for. I use it on deep, down to metal chips almost exclusively. In two years of ownership, I'd guess that I've had at least 6 such chips, maybe more? I just can't be in and out of a body shop that much. I'm not sure how much time and money professional-level work would've cost me at this point, but I'm still on my first $39 bottle of DCC. Of course, the body shop guys would do a better job, but I swear I would probably just get another rock chip on the way home from a respray. If it was just a matter of paying the money to get it done right once, then I would gladly do it - but it's a constant battle with these rock chips, and it's going to last the life of the car.

That said, I think you're going to have the same problem with any new BMW (and possibly any new car, period), so I'm not sure how a trade will solve your problems. Except to start from scratch, so to speak.