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Originally Posted by RaptorKTM View Post

With your tune is there no way at this time or in the future that you are going to incorporate a method using a cable similar to what ESS provides that allows the user to go from tuned file to there true stock file using the OBDII?
I've had more in depth talks with a few of the members on here regarding this topic. In short, we remap the entire DME, which takes about 1.5 hours to load. The flash tunes currently available for the BMW simply flash maps, which takes ~10 minutes to load.

The car must be on during this process, not running but all electronics powered. There is a lot of risk involved if someone does not use a proper charger to maintain power during this period, as the DME will become bricked if the car dies. We would prefer not to take this risk, which is why we choose to go through dealers at this point.

That is really the short story, but this is one of the obstacles that we face. I only have knowledge of one other company who re-flashes the entire DME (in the VW/Audi market), and they also work through a dealer network.

I certainly wish to make a move toward at-home flashing, as I know that convenience is a big factor. But at this time, we are still working around this and other obstacles.