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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
I want one and am sending a PM to get total price with shipping to Chile.

Just to make sure; we are talking about the 1M ic that was highlighted in this earlier post of a member here, aren't we?

"Papi: just keep in mind if you go with the Forge, def specify the 1M! They have a different version for the 1M which sadly is a bit more pricey than their N54 generic one, you want the former for no cutting/trimming, if you get the N54 'generic' you'll need to do some trimming. I'm heavily leaning towards Forge given the reviews and seeing its fabrication/craftsmanship, all others that require no cutting seem to scream a bit of Made in China to me... Let me know if it is something you wanna do soon, maybe we can bundle an order and get better pricing."
Yes, that is the product the group buy is for, the 1M/N55 335i intercooler from Forge.