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Originally Posted by Frank@PSI View Post
Check this here. . .it mentions something CAN be trimmed, but is not required to be trimmed for install. Check step #7.

"In the space left behind in the bumper, you need to move the lower trim as shown below basically its just plastic folded over the cross member. Working from one end the plastic can be teased off along the length. For more airflow to the core, this section can be cut off at your discretion but it is NOT NECESSARY in order to install the core."

We have installed FMIC for the N54 335i in our shop, and have never had to trim. Although this is a different product, I believe the fitment is pretty much the same.
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the clarification and instructions, it looks like that piece just needs to be pushed down instead of being trimmed which is a great solution.

Thanks for the information.