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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Gtrain, the Forge unit for the 1M was developed in the UK on a 1M car (fellow member Aussie in London's car), so to me at least that was a huge point as it was developed from the ground up for our car, versus a generic N54 that 'can' fit on a 1M (which is what the rest of the FMIC manufacturers have). I believe Forge is the only company that has a 1M and a N54 unit, which are different (pics on their website say it all). I spent a lot of long nights researching FMICs, and I have to say to me this one ticked all the right boxes (made in EU, not China, 100% PnP, no trimming, B&P design, dyno and temp results from both manufacturer and independent users).

Yes it will, although as it was pointed prior, a tune would extract the full benefit of a FMIC. East Coast summers tend to be pretty hot and humid, and it is pretty noticeable how adversely affected our cars/engine are to such, so an FMIC would def offer improvement even on a stock car. I am pretty sure, had the 1M been given a bigger budget and development time, the M engineers would've popped in a bigger and more efficient unit.

You hit the nail on the head, I've been looking into FMICs for a while given my climate, state of tune, and results on the dyno (and on the road) where the stock FMIC simply proves inadequate. There are only a handful FMICs that require no trimming, and when it comes to quality and fit and finish, to me the Forge hands down is the best. The couple others just didn't seem to cut it from a quality perspective (no disrespect to those running them). Going back to stock and 100% reversibility was important to me and Forge's unit was done specifically on a 1M for a 1M, hence why it is slightly more expensive than their N54 version as they further tweaked it so we don't use the silicon connectors but rather it is a complete PnP for the 1M.

Wait, didn't you just sell your N54 Forge? Believe it or not, your original F/S post, coupled with Aussie's summary of his install experience is what got me going in the Forge direction.
Thanks for the clarification and info. Looks like you are in NYC, maybe we could do a meet some time.