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Originally Posted by Qbrozen View Post
Front and Rear ASA AR1 18x8 et40

Front Accelera Phi 235/45
Rear Accelera Phi 255/40

Suspension and Mods:
Stock. Removed nipples and pushed fronts as far negative as I could.

I'm a bit surprised and confused, as this isn't nearly as aggressive of a setup as some on here, but these do not fit on the front nor rear. Yes, I went a bit taller, but that's not even the problem. They stick out too far. I even tried the 235s on the rear along with stock front just to see what would happen, and the 235s are still to wide for the rear (rubbing on lip). I could probably get away with the 235s on the rear with a fender roll, but I certainly didn't buy these wheels with the intent of only running narrow tires.
Unfortunately the offsets are too aggressive for the tire widths you want to use. You tires are bigger in diameter than stock by about 24~30mm, which by itself will already be a problem for the front wheel arches. On those rims you can probably fit 225/40/18 front and 245/35/18 rear, but even that will be close. Its too optimistic to attempt 235 on the front at ET40 without camber plates. 255 rears at ET40 is generally a no-go. I'm sorry to say it.