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The Remus Racing Replacement Tube is installed and LOUD!!!

But first I have to apologize to everyone because the pictures I took during the install and the comparison of the stock and Remus mid-pipes are not going to be available since I totally forgot to put a memory card on my camera; oops...

They are non-resonated, un-cated, stainless steel, black ceramic coated mid-pipes that look just like the picture below from the Remus website. They feel dramatically lighter than the stock pipes but I was unable to weigh them; but I could easily lug around the Remus tube and yet had a tough time carrying and storing the stock, I would guess at least a couple of pounds lighter because of the cat, muffler and flange delete.

Keep in mind that these mid-pipes do not have a flange to connect them to the factory cat-back exhaust and thus you wouldn't be able to install these by themselves like the N55 mid's. The Remus exhaust has a flange that is removable in order to connect it directly to the racing tube and the whole exhaust system bolts directly to the flanges on the factory DP.

Without further ado, here is the updated video adding the full system to the comparison and thus you have stock vs. Remus cat-back vs. full system. For some reason the difference is barely noticeable on the video (I guess camera mic. restriction) but in person there is a dramatic difference in dB and tone. It gargles much more, it is much louder and DOES DRONE SLIGHTLY between 1900 - 2100 rpm, however it bothers me less during highway driving; I assume it has less restriction and thus less resonance. However if drone drives you nuts I would stay away from this setup although it is much less drone than the stock setup...

If anybody is in or around Boston and wants to see/hear it, just let me know...

Once again thanks to Marco and the crew @ Turner Motorsports for a flawless job and to the guys at **********s for making sure I got the mid-pipes after all...