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Originally Posted by BiscottiGelato View Post
Talked to my mechanic friend whose doing the alignment for me. He recommended me to not dial it too agressively. Instead of focusing on the final number, to focus on how much change I am dialing in. At the limit, the dynamics of the vehicle can change quite drastically if the alignment is tweaked too much. Only after being comfortable with the new setup, then should I retune it for more or less camber/toe as desired.

This is from the top of my head. I still haven't got my car back yet. Picking it up later along with final alignment numbers. What I had before.

Front -0.5 camber, ~.1 toe in
Back -1.9 camber, ~.2 toe in.

New settings.

Front -1.6 camber, ~0 toe.
Back -1.9 camber, 0.08 toe in.

Apparently, -1.8~-1.9 of rear camber is the default factory spec for the rear camber. So it's actually staying with factory spec here.
Nice, that should be a good balanced setup. He gave you good advice. The increased contact patch at the front will help dial out some of that factory understeer and promote even wear. I think you will likely want more camber all around, at least in the front, but if you are willing to go back and tweak it again then you should definitely start off less aggressively. These cars have a ton of adjustability in the rear from the factory which is nice. You'll start to get a feel for what you like/dislike after you experience different alignment settings and compare them to one another.

Enjoy your new plates and alignment.