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Thx for the usefull write-up! I'm really looking forward to drive by soundclips on WOT! Midpipes without resonator must be loud, my decatted mids from Milltek have a huge resonator before the muffler. I would like to remove it to but i changed my mind and will go for a catless downpipe, i hear alot of good things about the AR 3". Probably i'll have a increase in sound (+power gain) without the disadvantage of drone. I only worry about check engine lights...
"... on the smiles-per-mile charts, the 1-series M coupe can't be beat. It is a challenging piece, a triple-X-rated driver's machine for semi-professionals. Its handling balance provides an open invitation to indulge in latent oversteer, and provides an opportunity to separate the men from the boys. It is an absolute hoot on the track and an addictive plaything on your favorite twisty back road. "