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Originally Posted by M34lnch View Post
My brakes are STILL SQUEAKING. Help!!!
M34, dude I'm having the same exact problem. I bought a used 2010 135i with 29k on it, the day I drove it home from the dealership my brakes squeaked constantly under light braking. I've been all over many forums, tried all types of solutions and nothing has worked. Granted, I've only been driving the car for 3 weeks, but I've had zero luck remedying the issue.

Talking the dealers is a joke, I'm 0 for 3 on that. Each says the same thing, "this car is known to have squeaky brakes, we won't replace or alter them under your warranty".

Sounds like your having the same problem I am: A load of people with experience in this issue and solutions that have worked for them....but not for you. SUCKS.

All I can say is wtf, keep me posted if you find a solution. I'll do the same. It's awful driving a car you’re in love with the look/drivability of but completely embarrassed when you come to a stop in public.