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Originally Posted by RaptorKTM View Post
im going to be getting GIAC stage 2 more then likely after I get my ER intercooler next week. I have the akrapovic downpipes and there is for sure a gain, not sure how big till i get it on the dyno.

Feel free to email or PM me once your new parts arrive, and we can get you taken care of. It's good to hear that you went with the ER intercooler, as we had a hand in its development and can attest to its compatibility with our software.

One of the problems with aftermarket intercoolers is that they are actually too big and lead to pressure drop. For the turbos to run efficiently, there has to be a degree of back pressure. With some of these monster intercoolers, we have actually seen pressure drop that leads to the turbos actually working harder to make the same level of boost. In my eyes, the ER intercoolers are an ideal match for the stock N54 turbos.