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Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee has reached the big 1-0. Our first 10 gatherings have put on display the special nature of the region’s auto enthusiast community. Many have commented that they have never seen such a diverse group of people get together every Saturday to share their love for automobiles. We’ve had ‘early enthusiasts’ that are a few months old all the way to ‘seasoned enthusiasts’ that are a ‘few years older’. Cars and trucks have come from the 1930’s to 2013. Everyone is accepted and we’re all on a level plane. A few of us see younger versions of ourselves out there when the teenagers and 20-somethings arrive with their group of friends to talk about their cars. The younger guys and girls are drawing inspiration from the folks that have been established in their careers and have purchased their dream cars. It’s a really special thing to witness every week.

Spend and hour or two with the Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee crew. Having your morning coffee while seeing beautiful automobiles and enjoying the conversation of new and old friends is a great way to start the weekend. We hope to see you there!

Administrative Notes…

Parking will remain on the north end of the former Best Buy parking lot. Simply look for the cones. On your way to Hunt Valley, please respect local speed limits and traffic laws. While on Hunt Valley Towne Centre grounds, please drive at a safe speed and respect all rights of way. Its about respect for everyone on the grounds during our 2-hour time span. Also, please understand that sales promotion that is not related to the businesses of Hunt Valley Towne Centre is prohibited on the grounds.

Website Notes…

With so many beautiful automobiles appearing at our gatherings, its natural that photographers will want to capture their beauty. No membership is required to see photos stored on our Flickr page … Right now, there are over 500 photos in our ever-expanding collection. If you’re a photographer, simply request a group invite and begin uploading your photos!

If you are a Facebook user, check the following link and request an invite … Over 340 members have joined our Facebook Group Page and the member list grows every week. Pretty amazing. Our family’s internet presence is getting so big that we may need to talk to the zoning commission.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, all information on the following link is viewable without membership ... As of the release of this message, over 600 Facebook users have expressed interest on this page. This is where the action all started…where we discovered that the region’s automobile enthusiast community had strong support for a weekly gathering. Now it’s the first stop for our non-Facebook users to get the latest information.

Closing Notes…

Looking forward to this weekend, the 8th Annual Hereford Zone Car Show will be taking place on Saturday June 16 at Executive Plaza in Hunt Valley -- about 2 minutes from our location. Event timing aligns perfectly. We close our action at 9:30 a.m. and the next event starts at 10:00 a.m. for an easy transition. The show is hosted by the Sparks Hereford Alumni Association and benefits the Leib McDonald Memorial Technical School Scholarship.

Spread the word about Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee! Bring your auto enthusiast friends, significant others, pets, and of course your cars. We all hope to see you there!


Rich "Will" Williams

Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee
Hunt Valley Towne Centre
118 Shawan Road
Sparks, MD