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Originally Posted by BiscottiGelato View Post
Lately I'm noticing that there's a small tick sound times when I am turning my steering wheel. Otherwise the precedes of the camber plate, aside from handling differences, is hardly discernible.

Any clue why the clicking sound? It's as if the central rod of the strut is being turned. Before with the stock hat, the hat turns fairly freely. The Ground Control Camber plates does not turn on itself as freely. Is it because of that, that the struct rod gets turned instead when I'm steering, leading to the clicking sound? Anybody notice that?

On the handling. It's definitely much better. Turn-in's easier. More cornering grip. At -1.6 up front, on an AutoX I went to this weekend. I'd say it's not enough camber up front. It can definitely use some more. That said there is no excessive shoulder wear despite aggressive AutoXing. So I say -1.6 is good for street and ok for AutoX. But you definitely want more if you want to bias the car more for AutoX than street.

Track day coming up the next Monday. I will report back if I have more thoughts then!
I cannot say that I have the same noise as you. The only audible noise I can really notice with my plates is a rotational sound coming from the front end and I attribute that simply to replacing the factory, soft strut tops with hard, metal camber plates.

Have you tried spraying lubricating oil into the plates to possibly allow them to move more freely?