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Thanks for the info

I received my car in May of 2008, so it was an early one. I was hoping there was a design change. Is turbo replacement the usual solution for the dealer or early on, before the design change, did they just replace the wastegates/arms? Don't get me wrong, I'm OK with the dealer changing them, but I'm a little anxious with that big of a change right before my warranty expires. I'm always more comfortable with any component installation at the plant rather than at the dealer. I was also surprised that they would do it. I know it took quite a bit of documentation from the dealer back to the mother ship for it to get done, but my dealer has been very good through the life of my warranty

I did get the HPFP replaced last year along with a few injectors and this time they ran a bunch of diagnostics and replaced a few other odd sensors. All without me asking for or pushing things. Even though I toyed with the idea of modding it, I never have (Except the golf tee mod). I'm glad I didn't now. I'm guessing that was partially what all the diagnostics were for.

Another quick question. I had to have the left headlight housing replaced along with all the bulbs and control modules and igniters, etc. It had to go back to the dealer for reprogramming of the lights because the main light would light. When I got it back I noticed that the light doesn't turn as far left as the the right one turns right. I thought I remembered it moving more left. Dealer stated that it wouldn't to not blind on-coming drivers. Is this a recent change that I now have due to reprogramming or has this always been the case and I'm mis-remembering how my lights operated?