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Originally Posted by dorkdog
Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Based on need?

Maybe this belongs in the detailing forum, but it's really not a detailing question so much as an ownership question.

I foam mine up almost every other morning before the sun crosses our barn (with the pressure washer foam attachment) and then a quick blast to rinse - wheels, wheelwells and body of the car. Open the hood and trunk to dry and then if time a quick run-over the flat surfaces with detail spray.

Is that excessive?
Do you dry the car after your wash every other day ?

I was mine every 5-7 days. I know its excessive but i love a clean car.

My usual process is to foam the car. Pressure wash it off, then i do the 2 bucket wash with grit guards in both buckets. Then i pressure wash that off, next i water dry the car using the sheeting method. Last, i use an electric leaf blower to blow off the remaining water.