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I might add that in my 'daily' routine I do not really touch the car at all. I foam it up with car wash solution, let it sit while I have a cuppajoe, then pressure-wash it off. I do the wheels and wheelwells too. I'll let it air-dry (I do have a blower and use it when I do a thorough job) and then go over the flat spots with a cloth and a little detail spray. Makes it presentable.

I don't know how Montego Blue looks when it's dirty; it's never been. One thing I cannot stand is mud and dirt flung up around the fenders. That's gotta go right away. And any bird poop.

Unfortunately, the guy next door has a contract painting those big green garbage dumpsters (which he does in his backyard) and both of our cars are turning green. Hence the frequent washingts/polishings/clayings to both our cars.
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