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Originally Posted by Wichard20 View Post
Sure, couple notes though. I used the JB4 and Cobb when they were first released. I know updates have been released so what I used is probably different from the user experience now. Also not of these results are based off a dyno, just my butt

The JB4 was the first tune I installed on the 335i. I had had the version prior but got it with the free upgrade so I just waited until the 4 was released before installing it. This was before the release of the handheld flash tuners. The install takes longer as you need to dive under the hood and get to the actual ECU to install the unit but the install is not bad. The JB4 felt the strongest to me. The power really kicks in when your in the power band and felt the most unnatural. The JB4 did have some really cool features, map switching using the gauge cluster, taking over gauges to act as a boost gauge, etc. I did have one of my units go bad. Customer Service was excellent and received a replacement quickly with no hassle but it did turn me off a little.

I was happy with the performance of the JB4 but the hardware failing as well as needing to pull out and reinstall for any service visits made me try the Cobb. One word to describe Cobb, slick. Their tuning device is very nice, simple to use color GUI. There app is well designed, auto updates, no problems. Everything will update through the app with just couple clicks (app, firmware for tuner, new maps). Plenty of map options. The power bump did not feel as strong and while power delivery felt more stock I felt drivability was not as strong. I believe a lot of these issues have been corrected with updates.

I was happy with Cobb but was not amazed. With the 1M I wanted to try something different. I know Evolve has been getting great reviews and I wanted to continue with a tune that I can flash from my own home. My only complaint is the process is not as smooth. When purchased they send you a link to the latest software package. The problem with the software is it currently does not auto update and the software will expire allowing you not use it. They do this from what I understand to ensure you are running the latest version. Not a big deal, you email customer service and they got me the latest version in couple hours. During the time I was all hooked up and ready to go. I know now to load up the version before setting up in case an update is needed. I believe they plan to have it auto update in the future. If not it would be nice if when logging into the Evolve website you can download from there as well as there appears to be a download section. For the tune I sent my ECU data last Thursday and received it yesterday (roughly a week). I understand the tune was ready to go earlier but it got lost to me in email or was not sent so I am glad I followed up with them yesterday. Very small details but I want to be fair in my review. With a device like the Cobb your pretty much ready to go right away. Now when you do send a tune they do ask for your mods. Not sure if the tune is pretty much canned or they do minor adjustments depending on your mods so there can be a plus here if the tune you are provided is more "custom". Or they might just check your mod list to see what stage to send you. As I said I have not had much play time but the tune feels like a stock 1M with more power. Power delivery is smooth and consistent, no surging, nothing to hint that it could not be delivered from the factory this way. All the buttons like the M button function as they did stock. We see when the times come but I been thinking about picking up a new M3 when they are released. Evolve is currently my tuner of choice if I do.
Glad you are liking the tune. Thanks for the constructive criticism - we will take it on board!