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Originally Posted by Groundpilot View Post
Is there DIY how to drain the coolant without removing an intercooler?
Technically, the drain plug is under the intercooler but when I saw it I was concerned that it looked plastic and fragile. I decided to just pull the hose on the lower passenger side of the radiator. The hose has a simple c-clamp the you pull out to unlock. The radiator flange has a spline so you can not twist the hose. The hose has to be pulled straight away from the flange. If it feel stuck, just rock the hose back and forth gently until it feels like it has a slight amount of play and then pull the hose firmly away from the will pop off and drop the coolant. Obviously do this when the car is cold and have a large pan to catch the coolant. I had the intercooler removed at the time and I didn't pay much attention to whether I could pull the hose with the intercooler installed. I suspect it is possible.