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Originally Posted by TheSt|G
Originally Posted by Freon View Post
Have you ever driven a 135i or 335i? That's a very interesting comment to read for anyone who has.
Yes I have, it's the reason I didn't get one.

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Ed: and whats wrong with rnd out of a garage? It's how horsepowerfreaks started and you don't see anyone ragging on their m3 turbo gear eh?.. Except for the price..
Horsepowerfreaks has been shown time and time again to be talentless hacks, not a great comparison here.

Results of some of their "engine work":

Ahh wow that video is horrid! I was talking about their turbo kits and tunes more than their engineering capabilities (never even thought about them building blocks tbh lol), and they did say in that vid that the tune etc was fine, just the block failed epically