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Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
Hi Guys.

Update time.

My colleague and I found a factory in China that I could use for this project. Things are going good so far. Hopefully within a few weeks I can get some parts to use as prototypes.

I think first off I'm going to try and have them copy stuff that already exists versus designing completely new stuff. For example, I saw there is interest in CF sideskirts. Slek might be doing something with this, but I'd also love to give them a run for their money (no offense slek). I probably would do it in the same design as the BMW Aero/Performance sideskirts. Also, I could get a vert rear spoiler based on the OEM one for much cheaper. Could also do gloss black stuff. Also, I've personally been looking for a good lip for the Aero front bumper. I know there's not a huge market for that, but there aren't many options at all for a front lip on cars with the Aero bumper. Interior trim could be pretty easy too, and I know there's a market, so I'll try and do that at first too. Hoods and trunks I want to do, but I wouldn't be starting off with those (unless they're direct OEM replacements) because I'd have to do design stuff, and as I said, for now I'm going to focus on easier stuff to manufacture as this gets started and kind of builds momentum. If there's fair interest in the simpler stuff, I could expand into more intricate parts.

Any further input from you guys would be awesome too. Anything else you want?

I haven't forgotten about you guys, but as I said, starting something like this takes some time.
I for one would be interested in gloss black parts instead of carbon fiber. As far as what parts, I'll echo what everyone else has said.

Aggressive diffuser
front splitter
bmw performance spoiler (coupe)

I'd be happy with those in gloss black
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