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Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
The tune was ProEFI, not HPF. HPF tried to say the block failure was ProEFIs fault. And yeah, that video is pretty awful.

I would be curious as to Gavin and MMWs take on forced induction heat in regards to our aluminium/magnesium blocks.
ahh wow, well fair enough. i guess when they don't screw up horribly it's pretty cool? haha

why would you get a tune from elsewhere when using HPF for other stuff though? seems strange.

i'd be more concerned with the pressure than the heat personally, i mean, daily driving should be unaffected either way, and even a track day or two with proper care, so 99.99% of users.. but what if you decided to have a rather 'extended' track day.. though.. oil temperatures even, for that matter.