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Originally Posted by UltimateBlogger View Post
I've always said that the 135i is BMW's best kept secret. It's nice to see BMW is rewarding the enthusiasts with a chance to buy an even sharper 135i.
It's not enough of a reward.
My 2009 135i lease is up, and I REALLY wanted news on the replacement 1 or 2, but all we get is this. A small bump in power, trying to keep the faithful happy until the new one comes.
Too late for me.
I've got a 2013 335i M sport on order.
Which will work out fine. IN 3 years, the new 1/2 will have been out for a couple of years and I'll look at getting that one then.
If BMW does to the 1/2 what they've done with the 3, in terms of interior, then it should be very sweet.
OH, and I hope they work on the suspension, and leave the steering hydraulic, unless they can really figure our a way to use electric and maintain feel.