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Originally Posted by J Lau
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I ordered a 135i with the exact same options. It has been a month and production still hasn't started yet.

I am getting worried that the car won't be here when my current lease is up.

Seems like I'm not the only one on this boat.
After waiting for 6weeks. the production finally begins!!!!!!!
this is exciting!!!!!

Order Documented - 3/23/2012
Production Begins - 5/5/2012
Production Ended - 5/14/2012
En Route to the US - 5/31/2012
Arrived at Final Processing Center / Oxnard VPC - 6/20/2012

Estimated Date of Delivery - 6/20/2012
Actual Date of Delivery - 6/21/2012

Date of Pick Up - 6/22/2012

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