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Originally Posted by cpsquare8 View Post
Yes, I did it a few months back - it takes some time -big learning curve - there is a DIY-just search- posted with the part number from a 3 series bin - so that you can keep the lid. Center console needs to come out - a few screws, bolts and clips. Go slow and tape up all the areas to avoid any damage. You also need to remove the plastic cover around the radio. If you have heated seats it is a bit more work to remove the cover plate. You use the carrier for the bin from the 1 and the actual bin from the 3 series - it works. The wire harness can be eliminated or you can opt to add lighting to the bin. It costs about $25 bucks for the parts
Holy crap -- thanks for the details, but that's more than I bargained for!

Alternate question: since I have to order another car anyhow to get a manual transmission in Southern California, is there a smoker's package delete option?