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Originally Posted by nik0123 View Post
Looking Good!! Drop that bad boy!!!
Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Looks amazing! Please slam it.. low!!

With all these mods this 1M would feel sensational on the track. Definitely need to hit up a track day and appreciate all the work that has been put in.
Originally Posted by BBK View Post
Definitely needs a drop, but looking sweet!

One thing I do notice when they are on the car now, is the spokes look really thin!
It does need a drop - but I am not going to touch the suspension until the brakes are in. Sounds like a Christmas present for the car!

Originally Posted by Ian///M View Post
Why else would you do these mods unless tracking??
Originally Posted by BBK View Post
Lots of people do mods like that without ever tracking their cars... Most M cars don't see the track, most Supercars never see the track either?
Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
All mods are track focus . You will see me on the track. The only reason I haven't turned up to the recent track days is because I need to sort work out due to some unforeseen circumstances. Realistically, I don't think I would have a chance till towards the end of the year - but probably in time to Christian the brakes. .

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Originally Posted by MrBlonde View Post
Those wheels are fucking boss.
Thanks guys, especially a compliment from Kenny!!!

Originally Posted by Ian///M View Post
Amen to that. Joe, I think you need a set Group buy?
Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
Awesome look and great colour combo Steve.

Deffinately needs a drop now as those pix I posted earlier..

Go away Ian.. you will cost me my marriage..
Well, I can certainly organised as Marco and Kamal are very interested. You can probably talk John into it too .

Joe, I thought you are going to do start a partnership with Advan *hint, hint.
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