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Originally Posted by Lester View Post
How many miles? What year is your car?
About to hit 59,000 miles and the car is a 2008.

Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
What is the warning - an icon or text?

If it is an icon of the car with 2 wavy "S" shapes at the front or rear, then it refers to a state or local safety or emissions inspection. But if you are simply getting the triangle with an exclamation point icon or the text warning "Service Due", then your dealer will probably have to sort it out.

Inspection/emissions isn't due till November and the BC correctly reflects that. None of the service items (i.e., brakes, brake fluid, oil, etc.) are due so I'm not sure why the car is saying a service is due. It seems to maybe just be an inspection of sorts because it just shows the car on lift in yellow.

I guess my real question is, how do people service their cars without involving a dealer when the car tells you service is due but not what is due??
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