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Originally Posted by Qbrozen View Post
No. The exposed metal will get no hotter than usual. The metal under the wrap isn't staying cool, it is getting just as hot as it normally would. The wrap is simply cutting down on how much radiates from it to the surrounding area.
I understand how the wrap works, however if there are small areas where the heat would actually radiate, would all the heat that is usually spread out over the pipe concentrate? That is my question and I don't think it's as simple as you stated.

Fourtailpipes, where are you!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I would not use a header exhaust wrap/tape. They only make your DP's rustout faster, bc the water when it rains get caust between the DP's and the wrap. IF you are really concerned about heat buildup... I would get some thermal coatings put on. Like from


I'm aware of the pro's and con's of the wrap, I thought about it long and hard. At the end of the day I picked up these downpipes for $150 plus I live in socal, very hot and dry. I would spend another 150 bucks on another set of DP's in lets say 3 years if it lowers temps. Seems like a good deal compared to a $1500 oil cooler lol.
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