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Originally Posted by ssedha
Short story - showed my car to my family and they totally loved it. a couple days later, my sister in law calls me and asks what model I got. I said the 135i. Upon hearing that, she asked if that was bigger or smaller than the 3 series. I said its smaller & lighter. Before I could finish, she said, "It's OK. You have your entire life to get a 3 series. It's a good start nonetheless. Work harder and you can also get that 3 series". I didn't even feel like correcting her or defending the car. I just smiled and thanked her for liking my car!

Maybe next time I'll have her sit in the car when I blast past a 328i... hehe
This constantly amazes me. People who think they know the BMW brand yet think the 135 is low class. If the knew the brand they would truly hold a different opinion. They are the ppl that are just in it for the status.