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Originally Posted by AW128i View Post
Oil/filter were changed about 4,500 miles ago, along with the engine air filter. "Standard Scope" was performed at the same time, whatever that is. That was the last maintenance on the car. The BC is showing the front brakes are due in 8,000 miles, and the brake fluid is due in August. Inspection/emissions aren't until November. Other than giving the car a once-over, as is standard practice any time I do maintenance on a car, is there anything else that might be due now to warrant the BC telling me to service the car soon??
The Inspection I and II are more comprehensive than the Standard Scope, I believe, but without knowing exactly what's included it's tough to say if it needs to be done or not. I suspect they just do a visual check of various suspension components, maybe check the tension of the hand brake, stuff like that. Maybe they even check torque values for certain bolts?

But it seems weird that they just changed the air filter with this service coming up - are you sure that they didn't do it already and just not reset the light? My dealer proactively performed a brake fluid flush a couple of thousand miles early, so you never know. Personally I would probably call the dealer and ask what service was required, and specifically what it entailed. But I'm sort of Type A that way. Probably for a competent DIY'er who stays on top of maintenance it's okay to ignore this particular service.