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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
Please explain what parts were needed(ordered or machined) from ground control to get the exact drop? The stack height should not have been an issue since these plates have been around for a while. And since these are coilovers, what is keeping the system from running stock height?
the ride height was an issue...i don't really care if you believe me or not, but i was going to wait until it got sorted out before i report back (in detail) on the thread.

ohlins wanted to lower the ride height, but it ended up being too drastic with the parts that were ordered. the best that they could do was get it back within -2" of stock. if they adjusted it any more it would have impacts to the spring rates (well, there would be an awesome "klunk" rather on extreme bumps), so they needed to order different springs as well. i never said what needed to be ordered from sweden or ground control...i just said that things needed to be ordered from both (never said anything about the camber plates).

i'm assuming that since you resell the PSI kits, you could just get updates from them (Ohlins talks very highly of them). i'd do that rather than coming at the "consumer" so hard for information. that way you'll be better informed, with more detailed information. you're just using this thread to sell other products anyway and i've noticed it in several other threads as well. you're coming off a little trolly (to me). this is the last post where i'll address this to you directly, because it's really detracting from my intention for this thread.

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