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Right on

Originally Posted by Jacko View Post
This was a good thread until it was ruined by a cat fight, pissing contest. They are both great engines so deal with it. Just wait until they come out with something else to bitch about. Just enjoy your cars find ways to improve them and try not to get too many speeding tickets. I am in Germany and own a 2012 135i with the M package with 7 speed auto. It's all stock. I love the car except it needing to have a better suspension IMO. I came to read what people had to say about their 135i cars and get to read this. Craziness! Maybe, there should be a BMW 135 fight club so you can beat each other up over the difference in a engine put into a car. Glad no one brought up religion or anything about our government.
I could not agree with you more. I will never understand why so many have these verbal disagreements. I enjoy, and appreciate, my new ride. I am thankful for being able to afford it and love the performance. I, on the other hand, like the suspension and the RFT. For me, it gives me the feeling of being in a sports car. I say enjoy what you have.