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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
The intention of this thread is to inform the community on the R&D process of the Ohlins coilovers for the 1M/M3, it is to everyone's interest to know all the details, including how Ground Control comes into the mix and why the correct ride height can not be achieved. -2" seem to bit much and spring noise is not usually associated with the amount of drop, but rather another issue altogether. Furthermore, raising the ride height will not change spring rates, unless Ohlins is using some sort of a progressive rate springs(assist and main spring perhaps?). The "Klunk" is also interesting as the vehicle ride height is raised on the current spring setup, details should be posted.

PSI is simply a distributor for Ohlins and do carry their own brand of coilovers as well. My discussion here is still on the Ohlins kit and not anything from PSI.

P.S. In one of your posts you had Ground Control camber plates mounted on an Ohlin's strut. If you have a noise or clunk, isn't a component of the camber plate you are going after to eliminate the noise or solve a problem you may be having?
i never said anything about a 1M/M3 kit; just strictly a 1M build. i also don't understand why you're talking about the camber kit....i never said what needed to be ordered from ground control....

ground control rear adjusters needed to be reordered for my requested setup. i wanted the system to be fully adjustable; 3-way, with ride height adjustments as well. but, i wanted to keep my ride height as close to stock as possible. ohlins originally planned on a 20mm drop (i found this out later; at the first fitment). when i told them i wanted to stay as close to stock as possible, they went back to the drawing board a little (which I thought was pretty awesome). this new setup with different GC ride height adjusters will get me within 6mm of stock. so, they ordered the new GC ride height adjusters for the rear and are fitting a more universal 8" spring (this was also changed because of my input), which will allow for better flexibility and more agressive applications (current load is spec'ed for 800lbs.). overall, it's an easier, more obtainable option. ohlins also had to re-machine some pins for the current (newer) setup. this is all completed now and the [hopefully] final fitment should be done on monday. i will have more to report at that time, at the end of the day perhaps.

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