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Originally Posted by Pete_vB View Post
Maybe let the OP decide what the intention of the thread is? You've responded to this thread 19 times, and in all of that managed to contribute nearly nothing of value other than a good amount of mis-information mixed with a very unsubtle sales pitch for products you carry. Cool it already.

All you've accomplished, for me at least, is to turn me off. Why anyone would consider buying from HPA when there are clearly far more knowledgeable (and polite) vendors to choose from (such as Beau at PSI), is beyond me.
Thank you Pete! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way...

I'm really turned off my HPA as well. I've never had a vendor come at me so hard in a forum before! haha. Craziness. I looked through some of the other posts, and all this dude DOES is sell, sell, sell. At what cost? I know ya gotta make money, but sheesh.

Everyone else, see my notes above. This should explain things a little better, which is (in reality) something I should have been keeping up with a little better anyway. If you need anything else, please feel free to PM me.