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You are coming off very immature as of late. I have been following this thread because I am a big fan of Ohlins and the 1M. The R&T equipped 135i I drove was fantastic which is why I was hoping they would do something similar for the 1M, which doesn't seem to be the case.

The title is "Interested in Ohlins for 1M? This is an Ohlin's R&D related thread." If it was MY car that was being used for development I would want as much input from experienced individuals as possible. It is VERY clear that you have extremely limited knowledge regarding suspension, which is fine, you are the end user, you shouldn't need it aside from how to properly dial in the kit once installed.

However, I would highly suggest that you stop berating companies such as PSI and HP Autowerks who deal with E82/E9X suspension day in and day out. They know way more than you and you should be appreciative that they are taking time to contribute. You were EVEN arguing with Beau about what was being developed on your own car. He was right! You aren't getting a R&T kit. As you said earlier you are simply "regurgitating" and if I may say so, not so well. It is admirable that you are loaning your car out to Ohlins to develop a kit, I'm sure the data collected will be valuable.

BTW, it's now summer and the kit is still not out yet...exactly as HP and PSI said.

FYI, I have never had good experience with Ground Control products, they always seem to be half ass engineered. I have owned their E36 kit and dealt with some of there other products; I have always been left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Pete vb:
You didn't have a problem with the vendors when they were answering your questions before but now you are coming at them with hostility. Get off of it.